First i would like to thank you for taking the interest in visiting my humble home page.

My name is Anas Marzouk, a born Syrian and proud to be so, for i belong to a place that contributed to the human race and civilisation in a way that is unique and different.

I am from Damascus, the oldest capital in the world that is still exisiting and inhabited. You may find more informations about Damascus and Syria elsewhere in this site, in addition to many links to professional sites that provide informations, both historic and touristic.

I am a 28 Years old man,( i think you could already make that out from my photo pasted in the front page)

I am a doctor by Profession, a graduate from India, Bangalore city, which is the garden city of India.

I finished my internship some time back and waiting to be able to get a residency position and start my specialisation, hopefully in the feild of E.N.T, same as my father who happens to be an E.N.T surgeon.

I am the second in a family with three brothers and 2 sisters and obviously my Mom and Dad, and one more beloved brother in Germany.

My hobbies include almost any thing and every thing! I love composing music, writing poetry both in Arabic and English, gallkeeping in soccer, basketball(6'3"), making friends, and addicted to talking to sweet people.

What More?
What do i like and what do i hate in a friend?

All that i expect from a friend is honesty and sincerety, and nothing else counts. Any one could be my friend but never a lier! I can never stand a lier, any thing else is accepted.

I meant this particular page to be almost a text only page and this will not be the same case with the other pages that will contain more of graphics, it is just that i didn't want to waste your time to download graphics and endup reading about me, which i thought could be very boring!

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